NYC Creative Salon: Identity and Queerness in Art, Episode 4


Art practice and artist identity are inseparable ideas, as artists pull from life experiences to influence their work. An art practice creates a space to confront and work through difficult or unresolved aspects of identity. While some artists focus specifically on body/identity politics, others create work indirectly related to identity such as connections, structure, place, process, and/or medium.


The mission of the NYC Creative Salon is to provide a sustainable platform for creative discussions, the chance to network and collaborate and the access to an intimate small-group setting.
While many creative professionals are producing and exhibiting work, the opportunities to discuss the work are lacking. We believe that the ideas behind a work and the creator discussing these ideas with others is just as important as making the work. We want to help support creative professionals by giving them another way to present their work and the experience to discuss their practice.
Through the curatorial process of hand-selecting creative professionals, we look for common threads that will lend well to an organic group discussion. While the moderator asks questions and guides the conversation along, each participant shares their experiences through the lens of their practice. We hope that these connections will lead to future collaborations such as exhibiting together, curatorial projects, blogs, etc. or simply building a network of creative professionals and friends.


The NYC Creative Salon is a series of discussions that take place bi-weekly. Each discussion is approximately an hour and a half long and takes place on a weekday evening. Each series is six discussions under one topic and each discussion has a different group of participants speaking on the topic. Ultimately, there will be six different discussions on one topic, in hopes of reaching a thorough investigation of that idea. The participants include a moderator and approximately 8 people working in various creative fields. We restrict the number of participants to 10 people in order to keep the group intimate and the discussion focused.